Essay American Sign Language And The Deaf Community

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What if you were stranded on an island where you can only read lips and you can’t hear what people are saying? Luckily there is the American Sign Language (ASL) which will become beneficial to you as you try to navigate your way back home. American Sign Language is one of the biggest and most used languages in the deaf community. However, this hasn’t always been the case in the 1700’s many deaf people had little no value in society. American Sign Language is essential to the deaf community. How did this great language come about? With learning ASL, you will truly understand the language by connecting yourself with the deaf community and learning some of the challenges and benefits of sign language. In the mid to late 1700s, French Sign language had come about it was becoming a widespread thing in the deaf community. In the article “New Perspectives on the History of American Sign Language" Shaw and Delaporte state in 1817 Laurent Clerc had French Sign Language(LSF) to Americans. Ever since this time many linguist have speculated that French Sign language greatly influenced American Sign Language. This seems quite unique to me how the two languages correlate this has much to do with how many of the hand gesture are quite simply. After Clerc initiative to introduce American Sign Language to the deaf community in American brought about many advances in the deaf community like deaf schools. This helped the deaf community begin to get a sense of value in society by now being…

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