American Poverty : The Problem Of Neglect Essay example

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A little boy, Arthur, stood in the Millvale Elementary nurse’s office, his bare ankles exposed above his worn sneakers. His shirt hung on him like an oversized bag; the sleeves darkened from repeated wear. The stench of urine wafted off of his tiny body. The school nurse, Barb Demasi, remarked that she had never seen such a “level of neglect” as what was present in the Millvale school district, an impoverished region in an otherwise thriving Cincinnati. That level of neglect was not only shown in the school, but also traced back to the home. Arthur’s bedroom was bare, containing only a “dirty mattress with no bedding”. One adult in the house claimed disability; the other hadn’t held a job in months (Coolidge and Dufour). This is American poverty: the effects, the causes, the realities. How did it come to this? With American need such a widespread concern, the middle class should take it upon themselves to donate and offer jobs to lift the impoverished to an economically stable place. Most people agree that poverty should have no place in a prosperous nation such as America. With nearly 3.2 trillion in revenue, every person in the United States should have the ability to live comfortably and affordably for the duration of his or her life (Chantrill). The amount of money coming in should, theoretically, serve as enough to take care of each individual. Yet this is not the case. In every major city, homeless and destitute persons crowd the sidewalks, seen but unseen. The…

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