American Pop Culture Today Essay

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American Pop Culture
Michelle Lilier
University of Phoenix
Robert Legaspi
29 January 2007

American Pop Culture American pop culture today is McDonald’s, Starbucks, finding a potential significant other on online dating sites, conversations via cell phones but with the use of fingers and not voice, the highly anticipated Super Bowl games and more interest in American Idol than politics. The given examples are just a few of today’s popular culture all too common to the average person to notice. Other trends that are more recognizable, however, are dining out, healthy living, and the ever growing popularity of the already-popular. These trends have incorporated themselves in this society’s lifestyle with the help of mass
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The fascination over the lives of famous people such as “It” stars, actors, actresses and almost anybody who gets a shot at 15 minutes of fame is a very notable trend in this century’s pop culture. Numerous magazines and television channels are dedicated to delivering “the most up-to-date” news on whomever is newsworthy at the time. The paparazzi can make huge sums of money for scandalous pictures taken of such stars like Britney Spears or even socialite-heiress Paris Hilton. The death of an actor, such as of the late Heath Ledger, also makes for a big story not limited to only entertainment channels but also on mainstream news channels such as CNN. This trend is one of the odder trends in this century, yet so interestingly captivates the attention, and money, of many. Dining out, healthier lifestyles and fascination over the lives of others barely scratches the surface of some of this century’s trends in American popular culture. It truly is very interesting to sit back and observe the popular culture in today’s society. With the help of mass media, mannerisms and habits of the past are now a big part of American culture as a whole. And unless carefully examined and observed, the culture just blends into daily routines, to go unnoticed by the very people who live the American popular

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