American Indian Art Analysis

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Each collection has similar art concepts yet contrary styles. Every collection contained at least one sculpture, mask, or type of pottery in its art gallery but the collection that drew me in the most and really caught my attention was the American Indian Art. I just loved the bright colors that were involved in the art pieces, and that really stood out to me the most from all of the different art pieces. The colors portrayed in this collection were far more distinctive than the other collections because it seemed to be a bright and strong color meant to be seen and stand out. Not only did the colors that were used throughout the different art pieces stand out the most but I really enjoyed seeing all of the culturally stylized masks present …show more content…
The color of the stone is very dull yet the design on the masks makes it interesting. The closed eyes and mouth on the mask gives the belief that these masks weren’t meant to be worn but rather used for funerary purposes and meant to be buried along with corpses². These masks weren’t just made up of stone but actually of minerals such as serpentine, limestone, and travertine. Researchers also discovered that the utensils used to polish the stone weren’t found in Teotihuacan but actually further south of the actual cite found. This means that these masks could have been created in workshops by artisans and then brought to the city of Teotihuacan. (John Fischman, November 2014) …show more content…
The types of masks seen throughout this culture are completely different to the stone masks from Teotihuacan. These masks on the other hand are made up of wood, cedar bark, string, and contain paint which really catches the viewers’ attention¹. The reason behind its style definitely has to do with the purpose and meaning behind it. This wood carved mask is supposed to be a representation of a “bird monster called Galokwudzuwis”¹ and is meant to be worn by a member of the Hama’tsa society; the highest ranking dancing society. The mask also contains the head of a crane, as well as two raven heads along with it¹. The purpose behind the mask is to be worn as part of a performance during a winter dance; which describes why the mask has movement as part of its style as well as sound. The reason the colors of the mask are so bright and intense is so they are visible in dim light, which is the ideal scene for the

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