American Identity Draft Essay

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America: Undefined Land
In Creating America, Joyce Moser and Ann Watters suggest that, “In understanding American Identities, we need to come to terms with unity and division, with separateness and common grounds.” In other words, for understanding American society one must understand its contradictions and the irony they represent. For thousands of years humans have emerged themselves in the constant quest of finding who they are as individuals and ultimately as a society. This constant quest has become more complex as the years pass, especially in America, where a multiple combination of people from different cultures, races and religions coexist. This coexistence has kept the American self-image compelling to others and thus
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Diversity is what describes this nation, describes it but not defines it. The idealism of economic advancement, the promise of the American Dream, freedom of speech, the promises in the constitution all appealing to immigrants who share aspirations and values and celebrate the honor of being called an American. However, no matter how big these ideals are racial discrimination still takes place between each other. Regardless, of how progressive one may think America is immigrants are still considered immigrants instead of full fledge Americans. Segregations still exist to some extent in the American communities. From a perspective point of view, it is hard to define everyone as equals and sharing the same goal since there is vastly amount of different backgrounds and ideas of what American is and should be.
Nonetheless there still some who believe America can transcend from the individual differences and unite as one. As Michael Friedman once said “Americans have defined themselves not by their racial, religious, and ethnic identity but by their common values and belief in individual freedom.” If the American way does indeed embrace all kinds of people and give them equal rights, rules and everything else, then maybe it is a mistake to say there is no American identity. Maybe as Waters and Moser stated between the lines contradictions are indeed the American way. As the diversity of America continues growing, more

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