American Holocaust : A Long Period Of Slavery Essay

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American Holocaust For centuries, the indigenous people of America endured a long period of slavery, mass murder, brutality, and outbreak of imported plagues since the arrival of Columbus in San Salvador in 1492. This year marked the mass extermination of the Natives. In a short period of time, Natives were wiped off so rapidly that, between disease and killings of conquerers, the number of tribal groups decreased by an average of 95% in the first century of contact. The unjustified killing and outright sadism had carried out and was repeated decade after another. Even after with Columbus’ departure, the colonies continued similar annihilation. Many methods were used to wipe out Native population, as Standard mentioned; Natives were given blankets that were intentionally contaminated with smallpox, patrolled the new land with ferocious trained killer dogs, agricultural fields burned to the ground, and killed women and children in their paths. When Columbus and his mates arrived in the shore of the Americas, they did not consider that the people they encountered had cultural and religious traditions that were different from their own. This “new world” was distinct by language, politics, style of agriculture, and ritual practices. Upon their arrival to the “new world”, Europeans found Natives very strange and called them all “savage” because they couldn 't master the “Arts of civil life and humanity”. The saw themselves superior to the Indians and that they are a threat to…

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