Essay on American History : The Louisiana Purchase

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The Louisiana Purchase has to be one of the biggest real estate deals in American History. Thomas Jefferson, known as the father of the Louisiana Purchase, and our nation’s third president helped accomplish the U.S to double in size. Furthermore, he was able to help America take control over the Mississippi River. Having possession over Louisiana would also allow more room for the growing, and expanding population of the economy. The Purchase of Louisiana has provided an outlet for transportation of goods, allowed more room for the expanding population of the U.S, and promoted immigration.
In 1803 France took Louisiana from Spain and started to control the Mississippi River. At the beginning of the 19th century, Thomas Jefferson became concerned about the fate of New Orleans; the center of trade because of its location near the Mississippi River. Jefferson never truly thought of the U.S as an independent country, because they didn’t have the Mississippi River under their control. The Louisiana Purchase worked in the U.S favor, mainly because France’s leader Napoleon needed more money to fund his troops for the war. France has also been burned with its earlier adventures in North America, such as the French and Indian War. Furthermore, his troops had been devastated by a deadly disease known as yellow fever. Because of the fact that France was running low on supplies and most importantly money, they decided to get rid of the whole land for just 15 million dollars. This was a…

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