Essay about American Freedom : The Ordeal Of Colonial Virginia

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Book Report
Author Edmund S. Morgan wrote a masterpiece with the creation of the novel American Slavery, American Freedom: The ordeal of Colonial Virginia this book focuses on the development of slavery, freedom, and 18th century Virginia. The novel is composed of 4 sections, Morgan discusses in the book the origin of the poor relationship between Virginia colonists and American Indians and the rise of raw material like tobacco and corn. American Indians were the first indigenous humans living in North American before the British colonists left England, to escape religious persecution all around Europe. Morgan is quoted calling the simultaneous development of slavery and freedom "the central paradox of American history". This novel paints a light on how people could maintain a system that of labor that denied every African American human liberties and dignity 's as they worked every hour of the day with no pay and the denial of the ability to read and write. American Slavery, American Freedom was one of the most influence books of its generation and one of the most important books written in American History. Also during the novel we see the hostility between the colonists from England and the Indians began at the popular Roanoke colony. In Edmund Morgan 's novel he wanted to the reader to understand the relationship of the American South, from the racism and inequality and the explosion of slavery.
First, to understand the novel of Edmund Morgan the…

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