Spanish American War Imperialism

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The United States had progressively become more and more involved with foreign affairs in the 1860s-1920s. The United States ' influence had grown, just as much as the nation 's industrial power had grown during those years. Due to the United States growing imperialism "American 's were increasingly aware of themselves as an emerging world power." The United States ' surge of imperialism was aided by its drastic increase in military strength, and massive industrial and agriculture production. America began to get involved in foreign affairs because the nation started to feel as if it has a sense of duty to police and look over the world in a self righteous manner. Through the United States consistent involvement in international affairs …show more content…
The Spanish American War lead the U.S to be less of an isolationist and more of an imperialist. The U.S did not just become less of an isolationist for itself, America believed that it had a job as a rising world power to help other people. “United States shall direct for maintaining and protecting the inhabitants of said islands in the free enjoyment of their liberty, property and religion.” The U.S did not just gain territory in the Atlantic, but also in the Pacific. The U.S 's acquisition of the Philippines could be used for safe passage for U.S trade routes, and also expanded the U.S economy to the Eastern Hemisphere. This would prove beneficial to America 's growing industrial and agricultural output from farmers and factories. “Economically we hoped for promotion of foreign trade through the aid of military force and political domination.” The war would also prove to help strengthen and expand America 's armed forces immensely. “To fight even this small war, the army had to be expanded in a short time from an active duty force of 27,865 in 1897 to 209,714 in 1898. The navy expanded from 11,985 in 1987 to 22,492 in 1898; the marines from 2,217 in 1896 to 3,806 in 1897.” America 's new army was now stronger and impressed many of the already established world powers in Europe. Overall, the Spanish American War in essence grew the United States, and led …show more content…
During the time periods the U.S had established itself as a world power with a considerably growing influence. To establish itself as a world power the U.S military had to significantly expand in both wars. Not only did America 's army expand, but the countries production of goods and produce increased and flooded into international markets. America 's prestige was now affecting other nations and had great impact. Victories in both wars promoted America 's new found authority, and the countries new found self responsibility to look out for other countries. America 's development into a world power became evident because it could now compete with the world powers in Europe and Asia. Overall, the Spanish American War and WWI were both momentous events that not only expanded the U.S and its economy, but gave the U.S a prominent voice in international affairs and established it as a world

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