American Dream : The Great Gatsby Essay

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American Dream: The Great Gatsby
In the novel, The Great Gatsby, F. S. Fitzgerald writes about a time period in American history where achieving anything was possible, at least that was the common belief. Not only does he describe the economic, social, and historical circumstances that drive his characters, but also a glimpse into the minds of the characters that they use as a way to justify their actions and motives. The most basic reason for the actions that take place in the course of the book is towards an idea that many people are familiar with. It’s the American Dream. In The Great Gatsby this dream is unattainable due to the indecent actions of the characters in the novel. The Great Gatsby represents the corrupted American Dream through the excessive wealth and greed illustrated by the main characters.
Throughout time, the American Dream has never been able to be fully defined. For some, it is striving for wealth and success, while some might say that it’s the ultimate happiness in life. For many of the characters in the novel, it means the amount of wealth they are able to acquire by any means. For example, Myrtle, Tom’s mistress, is one of the characters that did whatever it took to achieve her definition of the American Dream which is to be apart of the upper class. Fitzgerald write, “with the influence of the dress her whole personality had also undergone a change. The intense vitality... was converted into impressive hauteur”(pg. 35). This quote…

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