American Dream Interview

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“Seeking the invisible through the imagery of the visible, the Americans never can get quite all the way to the end of the American Dream”. All three of my interviewees agree with Martin Luther King but it did not stop them from wanting the best from themselves and their loved ones. The American Dream is about getting the right education for opportunities, how you want to provide for loved ones, but most importantly is the idea that you want to improve not only your life but the ones you love to. All my interviewees agree with each other when it comes to the most important parts of the American Dream.

Dr. Darrel Stufflebeam was born and raised in Iowa. He later went to college at the University of Northern Iowa to study political science
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His Father died when he was 14 of a heart attack. Mom kicked him and his siblings out after graduation, and she later married another man staying in the same house. He moved back to Compton with his aunt, going to Dimingus High School with his brother. To get from going down the wrong path him and his brother left for Utah, they lived together and would party. Matthew later met his wife, Tiffany, there in Utah and had two babies. His wife encouraged him to move to Kansas, where they had two babies.

Matthew informed me that family is the biggest part of his American Dream, says “Once I had kids I knew i was done and had no chance of progressing”. He stated that his wife and kids are the reason he works so hard, he likes the feeling of providing for his family. He puts most of his success on his wife because she encouraged him to move to Kansas and start new. His family helps him get through everyday, encouraging him and thanking him for his sacrifices for them. Also if it were not for him and his brother moving to Utah, they would most likely be stuck getting in trouble going down the wrong
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She believes that school can help many achieve their dream job or give them to opportunities to do so. Like with Rhonda, through many business class through high school and college she realized that she loves working with numbers. Also being from the small town of Breckinridge she had no opportunities, but she excelled in school. Which gave her the ability to leave for college and achieve a better life than she had. So without being outstanding in school she could be stuck in that same small town without the success she has now.

In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, we go on the adventure of a young indian who wants out of the terrible condition that are is life. He was also born with hydrocephalus, which as done much damage to his opportunities. With that and him looking unusual he was on the receiving end of many jokes, from adults and kids. Through the book we learn how Arnold goes from no hope to actually taking some steps to getting away. He lost some friends and gain new ones but when mant obstacles he just keeps going. He stops at no costs, knowing that he will have to make sacrifices to leave the

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