Examples Of Desire In The Great Gatsby

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The Desires of the Great Gatstby Over the past 90 years, life in the United States has changed. Countless innovations have changed the American life. Although, the way people think has not been transfigured as much as likely believed. Some people of past and present generations have the same underlying motive to live their life. Some people will do almost anything in order to get what they truly want. This concept is demonstrated throughout The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The book is set during the 1920s in New York at midst the corrupt American lifestyle. A portion of the characters work to achieve one common goal, get what they truly want. Quotes by the characters show this fundamental motive in their lives. As the book title suggests, one of the main characters is the wealthy Jay Gatsby. Gatsby rose to great wealth after leaving the impoverished life during his early years in North Dakota. He built his fortune largely by taking part in organized crime and under the table deals. Gatsby has one goal in his life that he desperately wants. He wants to win Daisy’s love. Gatsby fell in love with Daisy in Louisville before he left to World War I. Daisy vowed to wait for Gatsby, but instead married Tom Buchanan. Gatsby, now close to thirty, wants to get Daisy back. Ever since Gatsby met Daisy, all …show more content…
Daisy Buchanan is Nick’s cousin. She fell in love with Gatsby she was eighteen. She loved him very much. After the two met, Gatsby was fighting in World War I. During that time, she fell in love with Tom Buchanan. To add some insight of Daisy’s decision to marry Tom, Jordan describes the night before she married Tom. Daisy said she had changed her mind about marrying Tom. To Daisy’s dismay she received a letter from Gatsby. Through the letter, Gatsby tells Daisy he cannot marry her because of finances. Daisy is saddened by this, but marries Tom

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