American Dream Deferred In A Raisin In The Sun

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Jarred Garcia 1/ 21/2016

A Raisin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry is a realistic fiction in which the play 's title and characters Represent the play 's theme. The play focused on black America’s struggle to reach the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness during the 50’s and the 60’s. The idea of everyone having a the chance to achieve a better life should exist for all. Hanaberry created her title using a line from Langston Hughes poem “ A Dream Deferred”. the original poem was written in 1951 about Harlem. The Hughes line from the poem claimed that when dreams are deferred “does it dry up like a raisin in the sun. This meant that
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Walters American dream was to get his family out of the ghetto. He was going to achieve this dream by investing in a liquor store. His dream was deferred when mama refused to give him some of the money for the investments. “So now it 's life, money is life. once upon a time freedom used to be life now its money. I guess the world really do change”(74). Walter begs and pleads with his mama to give him the money, but completely refuses him. Saying why he cares so much about the money. He tells her it always been about the money. To make a better life, but doesn 't think it as such. Walter 's dream of getting respect was also deferred because now he has to stick with his dead end low paying job. Since she put the money on a house and walter can 't invest in a liquor store he cannot finally quit his job he 's been hating for so long. Walter while already drunk rambles and admits he hasn 't been at work for 3 days just slacking off and going out to drink at the green hat. If someone didn 't hate their job, why would they be drinking for so many days. “ mamma you don 't know all the things a man what got leisure can find to do in this city.” since Walter can 't have the money he has resorted to not even show up to work and getting …show more content…
Beneatha 's dream was to become a doctor. She was going to achieve this dream by the money Lena was going to put in for college. But Walter ended up putting it all in not the bank, but in his investment towards the liquor store. They all find out about this by bobo telling Walter that willy ran off with all the money and Walter admits he didn 't put it in the bank. “yessss all of it it all gone” (129). Walter is a mess from from bobos news. Lena was so upset. Beneatha 's dream of becoming a strong independent woman who doesn’t have to be dependant anybody was also deferred because she is trying to show George Murchison to embrace their heritage. But George doesn’t want to. He wants to just fit in with white culture. He Also mentioned that no matter how hard she tries, no one is going to change what the they believe in just from her preaching about assimilation. “ as for myself, I want a nice simple, sophisticated girl, not a poet ok”(97). He’s basically saying he wants her to be smart, but quiet girl and doesn’t want to hear all her thoughts and

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