Essay on American Democracy Is Driven By The Foundation Of Equality

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American democracy is driven by the foundation of equality. According to Tocqueville, the American Revolution had produced a great degree of social equality among the social classes. Conditions of equality in America, gives its citizens the ability to strive for equal status—socially and economically. Democracy allowed influence to be taken from a few aristocrats and given to the people—which leads to the end of legal differences in status, of noble ranks and titles, and of hereditary privileges. However, this is not to say that there is not a potential for a highly individualized society brought about through equality. As the citizens become more equal, their drive toward individualism and materialism proliferates which causes people to focus more on their self-interest than their liberties. The unbounded power of the majority in America, is favorable to the legal despotism of the legislature. Although individualism and materialism can be problematic towards the existence of democracy in America, conditions of equality such as associations and religious beliefs both aid the issues of individualism and materialism in regards to the existence of democracy in America. The health of a democratic society can be measured by the character/actions of its private citizens.
Individualism was a new concept of expression for Tocqueville. Individualism allows Americans to isolate themselves from the mass of those similar; individualism allows for the creation of small societies for…

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