American Culture And The Mexican Culture Essay

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If I were to imagine that I grew up with a twin that grew up in another family who’s culture was completely opposite of mine, I would most certainly believe that we would have to learn to accept and understand the differences between our cultures. I grew up in a Mexican culture which has it 's focus and values of hard work, family, and religion.

when it comes to hard work it would mean taking every and any opportunity that presents itself when it comes to making money that would help with the family 's finances. In the household that would typically mean that the husband would be the main provider with the responsibility of bringing income into the home, thus leaving the wife with the domestic duties and the taking care of the children-both responsibilities being of hard work.

Hard work easily transitions into how important family is in the Mexican culture. The importance of always keeping family a number one priority in one’s life is drilled into them from birth.-from the youngest to the oldest ever family member is important and has their own responsibilities that ultimately contributes to the family unit. Without family you are defined as nothing because survival is ultimately dependent on the family’s contributions they can range from emotional, social, and financial contribution which are all equally important.

Lastly Religion is extremely important to the Mexican culture. Many identify with being catholic. The family’s whole structure, values, and morals are…

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