American Culture And Politics Of Urban America Essay

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James Gregory takes us on a journey from the past in “The Southern Diaspora.” He gives us insight on how black and white migrants transformed America. We get to see a close look on the migrants’ movements to the North and West and how well they accustomed to their new environment. Cultural and political institutions were being transformed immensely. Not to mention, popular culture like music. For example, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Gospel, and R&B. Also, the development of “Hillbilly” and Country music all depended on the southern migrants. This book’s main point is the impact of southerners on the culture and politics of urban America. Over the course of the twentieth century, close to 8 million black southerners, nearly 20 million white southerners, and more than 1 million southern-born Latinos participated in the diaspora (p. 14). African Americans were moving into cities with the greatest political and cultural authority (p. 113). For example, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Washington D.C were the major cities. Gregory notes that the neighborhood “Bronzeville,” in Chicago was called the “Black Metropolis.” This term was then taken over by the term “ghetto.” Gregory however advises us to reconsider the concept of Black Metropolis. This is because; it calls attention to the particular setting of the principal black communities. Also, the great cities in their age of maximum greatness yielded black communities that were…

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