American Culture : American Pop Culture And The Prevailing Imprint That Is Individualism

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America is a polyglot, multicultural country whose pop culture influences the various cultures of the world; the movie “Titanic” being a prominent example of a foreign favorite. Hence the numerous effects caused by American pop culture and the prevailing imprint that is individualism. With this in mind, in the United States, the citizens of the nation are granted rights that protect their self-expression, gender, religious, and political beliefs. Due to these types of rights, U.S. citizens are able to be diverse individuals who can express themselves freely and are capable of choosing the religion or political party they want to follow. Therefore, it is probable that these rights will be displayed in the majority of U.S. media since these rights differentiate the U.S. from other countries. Furthermore, an eminent concept of individualism is the freedom of expression and the positive impact it has on other nations especially ones under an authoritarian state of rule. Overall, it is through individualism that opportunities, freedom of choice, and diversity emanate from. American pop culture has resulted in job or education opportunities in various parts of the world. For instance, American pop culture can be easily accessed by way of the internet and because of many global internet users, there is a plentiful amount of jobs that have emerged in the technology industry. In capitals throughout the world, internet is easily obtainable but as a safety precaution, filtering…

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