American Beauty and Erik Erikson's Developmental Tasks Essay

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Maria Rossi
Mr. D’Ardis
March 30, 2012
American Beauty and the Developmental Tasks
Erik Erikson suggested a theory that all humans must face specific obstacles at certain points in their lives. These obstacles are known as developmental tasks. In order to develop properly one must overcome these obstacles. As an adolescent one must face the obstacles of identity versus role confusion, as a young adult on must face the obstacles of intimacy versus isolation, and as an adult one must face the obstacle of generativity versus stagnation. The film American Beauty portrays the consequences of failing to overcome these developmental obstacles. It revolves around middle-aged Lester Burnham and his struggle with the desire to
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If Carolyn had faced her developmental task appropriately she could have had a stronger relationship with her family and would not have been unhappy. Col. Frank Fitts is Lester’s next door neighbor. Fitts is a perfectionist; his house is in perfect order and he expects his family to follow suit. He is in denial that his son, Ricky, is a drug dealer and pretends that he is perfect; he sees what he wants to see. Fitts has a strong

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