America 's The Illegal Immigration Dilemma Essay

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Congress needs to take into consideration that everyone, including themselves are immigrants, trying to stop it will destroy this powerful nation, and an Amnesty is a must in order to end the illegal immigration dilemma. The whole population of the US are immigrants, no matter where you were born. Most of us come from European descendants who arrived into the US as immigrants from another country. Christopher Columbus, a European native, was one of the many explorers who “found” this new world, leading into the first city of the US, Jamestown. As more Europeans washed up ashore, they began conquering all over the eastern shore creating town after town, advertising freedom and a better life in the new world, which later became known as the Thirteen Colonies. Ever since those particular years, the US was never the same. Immigrants from all over the world saw what a prosperous life they would live over in the new world, and how free they would feel, forcing cultures from all over the world to bring their families with them and begin a whole new life. The US in todays era is now a residence to Italians in the northeast, Chinese families in California as well as New York, Cubans in Florida, and Latinos scattered all over the nation. US has a whole diversity of immigrants.

Immigration is the life source of the US point blank. Immigration is what started the growth of the US. Exponential growth was made right after the Thirteen Colonies settled in. As Europeans settled and…

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