America 's Prison Culture Has Been Targeted Minorities, Underclass People, And Drug Addicts

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America’s prison culture has been targeting minorities, underclass people, and drug addicts unfairly and for far too long. Mass incarceration is a system that captures people, then labels them as criminals and felons, keeping them locked up for extensive periods of times only to release them into the underclass where there is no hope to achieve higher living. Since the introduction of the War on Drugs in the 1970’s by Ronald Reagan, where “over four decades, the [Drug Policy Agency} says, American taxpayers have dished out $1 trillion on the drug war”, the influx of prisoners increased 700 percent. Black Men are singled out for imprisonment 5 times more than white males. On a global scale comparison, America accounts for 25% of incarceration in total with only 5% of the world’s population. With all of these obvious issues with our prison system, it is clear that a major injustice is going on every day in our country.
Mass incarceration and the underclass go hand in hand. Education plays a huge role, whereas those with less income and education are go to targets for imprisonment. As of 2008, more than half of inmates are high school dropouts. Those at the bottom are forced to stay at the bottom, with little means to be able to excel. These people are then labeled as criminals, hurting their chances at getting a worthwhile career. On job applications they must indicate whether or not they are registered felons, making other applicants garnish an extra edge on these…

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