America 's Largest Casualty Insurer Essay

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Purple Purses Carry Millions for Domestic Violence Survivors
The Allstate Foundation is America’s largest casualty insurer. With the help of 140 non-profit organizations, this financial agency has discovered a niche audience in the growing number of domestic violence victims. Many perceive domestic violence at its peak when physical violence and verbal abuse are present, but that is only a portion of what it embodies.
Allstate has shed light on those victims of financial abuse. The general public has been made aware that one in four women are victims of domestic violence, but do they know that 98 percent of them experience financial abuse? Upon research, they aren’t- which in turn was born a campaign and a new conversation.
The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse campaign encompasses an opportunity to be leveraged from a sensitive and controversial national crisis. Four years ago the conversation began about control by means of withholding funds, destroying credit and jeopardizing jobs (Foundation 2). In efforts to help victims escape this crisis, a conversation wasn’t enough. Outreaches by women were being made, but the lack of funding proved to need a bolder campaign.
As a proactive program, research has paved the way for the campaign with findings that illustrated age and ethnicity as its target audiences. Baby boomers are more knowledgeable than the millennial generation on financial abuse and the severity of it. Within Hispanic ethnicity, it was found that domestic…

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