America 's Health Gradient Is Largely Dependent Upon Wealth And The Amount Of Wealth

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Unnatural Causes America’s health gradient is largely dependent upon wealth and the amount of wealth an American has will indicate the average life expectancy of that person. The way in which the American society is organized is bad for one’s health; access to healthy foods, employment, and education are all determinants of a healthy life. In the film Unnatural Causes, it was found that lower and middle class Americans are twice as likely to incur diabetes and heart disease than that of the affluent class, which contributes to excessive death in America. It was also found that life expectancy rates were based on where an individual lived, their education level, and their level of income. In America, social class is determinant of health and with a lack of housing, education, medical care, power, confidence, and sense of security, it was found that death would come sooner. Making things worse, the African American populations, no matter their social status, have even worse health outcomes due to racism and the feel of being constantly on guard. Through the Systems Theory lens we may gain an intricate understanding of excess death due to the unnatural consequences and inequalities of resources. Systems Theory views the world as a social interaction in which the individual, family, and society make up the systems and are interdependent, adaptable, and transactional (Robbins Chatterjee, and Canda, 2012). Systems Theory has three levels of Conceptualization and for the purpose…

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