America 's Freedom Is Still Intact Essay example

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Fredrick Douglas was a man that literally started from the bottom, as a slave, and rose up to be a respected public speaker. His speech " What to the slave is Fourth of July?" discusses just what the Fourth of July actually means to those who are not free. Douglas starts by applauding the revolutionaries for the Revolutionary war. He commends them for realizing that English parliament is treating them unjustly and deciding that they were going to form a new and improved government on their own. He says the founding fathers did wonderfully on bringing up this country and they are the reason why America 's freedom is still intact. However, the feeling of independence is not felt by the black men and women of this country. They can not say that they have gained independence because they are in no way free from ruling tyrants. Douglas shows his frustration for the American people that deny African Americans their rights through the recollection of the American Revolution, alluding to religion, and sparking rage in the African American society. Douglas wants the audience to know that he is an advocate of America’s independence so he uses words that incite a feeling of proudness. He wants the audience to think that he is a credible source of information when talking about the Fourth of July and why that date is so important. That is why he uses ethos in his speech. "Oppression makes a wise man mad. Your fathers were wise men, and if they did not go mad, they became restive under…

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