America 's Entry Of The Vietnam War Essay

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America 's entry to the Vietnam war was slow, but it soon became one of the bloodiest wars the country had ever seen. Troops were being deployed and lives were lost for reasons many found unclear. The war 's roots first started to develop in 1950 when the French, who were fighting for control of Indochina, began to deny the Vietnamese the privileges they were promised in exchange for French intervention. The Viet Minh, a communist group that fought control by the French and Japanese, were engaged in the First Indochina War against the French until 1954 when the French were defeated (Hillstorm, 1-2). Ho Chi Minh and his forces saw this as an opportunity to enforce communist rule throughout the entire country. However, the United States refused to let communism spread, as the domino theory was in full swing at that time. The domino theory stated that if one nation fell to communism, the nations around it would likely follow. This brought US intervention and the Geneva Accords were put into action. The Geneva Accords temporarily divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel with the communist Viet Minh in control of the North and non-communist forces in the South. The Geneva Accords were intended to last until 1956, at which point the intent was to have an election. Nevertheless, the US refused to allow the elections for fear of the Communist victory.

Shortly thereafter, the North and South were fighting for control. The South was heavily backed by America, who provided military…

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