America 's Election Day A Federal Holiday Essay

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needed. Specifically, my solutions fall under three areas--strengthening voting rights, eliminating the influence of money in politics, and reforming the higher education system. A thorough discussion of each of these areas will close out this paper.
First, in order to make our democracy democratic again, reforms must be passed to make it easier for ordinary people to vote. My logic here is simple--the more citizens participate, the harder it will be for elected officials to ignore their wishes and instead represent the rich.
For starters, Congress should make election day a Federal holiday. This proposal would ensure that working class people with three jobs would be able to make it to the ballot box and make their voice heard. Right now, the United States of America has one of the most abysmal voter turnout rates of any Democracy in the world, with only about half of it’s citizens showing up for Presidential elections.
Making election day a holiday would fix this.
But of course, some say that there are already too many holidays and that adding one more would be too much of a disruption to the economy. However, this argument can be countered in a powerful way--simply move election day a week forward, and combine it with another holiday that’s already in place--Veterans day. Not only would this avoid creating another holiday, but combining Veterans day and election day would send a strong message to citizens about the seriousness of voting. Casting a ballot would be a way…

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