America 's Education System Reform Essay example

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In 2013, Mexico performed below average on each OECD educational test, yet invested the same mean amount of money as other OECD countries in their educational system. However, 90% of Mexico’s budget encompasses wage expenditures. Much of this money is funnelled to teachers who are one hundred years old and to ‘phantom’ schools which don’t exist. In an effort to curb this rampant corruption, President Enrique Peña Nieto put forth a three-part education reform bill which mandates that teachers keep their jobs based on students’ and teachers’ performance on new standardized tests. While corruption in Mexico’s education system is a serious problem, President Nieto’s dishonest execution of reform hasn’t resonated well with the public, and produced unintended consequences. Indeed, President Nieto’s plan does tackle corruption, but haphazardly bundling elements from the western education system such as standardized testing into Mexico’s intricate and unique system will not further its growth and sovereignty as a developing nation.

It must be conceded that corruption is a problem in Mexico, however, a broad education reform implementing needless policies in the name of fighting corruption is not how to implement this plan. Very much like how President Putin uses the policy of ‘fighting terrorism’ for pushing his military around, President Nieto is exploiting the problem of corruption in Mexico to embrace western ideals of what a ‘modern’ education system looks like. While the…

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