America 's Death Penalty : Between Past And Present Essay

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Meranze, Michael, Randall McGowen, and David Garland. America 's Death Penalty : Between Past And Present. New York: NYU Press, 2011. eBook Academic Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 4 Apr. 2016. UCLA History Professor Michael Meranze, University of Oregon History Professor Randall McGowen, and Professor of Sociology and Law at New York University David Garland explore America’s obsession with the death penalty, from political and religious moral point of views, throughout time. Many groups against capital punishment exist, today, that are powered by religion. They fight for alternate punishment, as they feel a death sentence is morally wrong in God’s eyes and that killing one person in return for their murderous action does not make it justifiable. Our country is extremely divided and highly emotional when it comes to the issue of the death penalty, so politics use the topic to sway people in their favor. Even though other countries, that America’s judicial system is often compared with, have abolished capital punishment and managed to reduce crime rates, the reason, or many reasons, why our country can’t let go remains a highly controversial and ongoing debate. Historians, sociologists, legal scholars, and litigators were convened by Meranze, McGowen, and Garland, at New York University School of Law in order to discuss the history of the death penalty and the questions and answers that surround it. The information recorded from the professors’ gathering is relevant and…

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