Essay on America Is The Land Of Freedom And Opportunities

1401 Words Dec 21st, 2016 6 Pages
America has been known always for being the land of freedom and opportunities. That’s what mostly all people who live outside of the country think. But nowadays a lot of people are questioning that, a group of people would be immigrants and refugees coming to the country. In my sincere opinion, America is the land of opportunities, but opportunity doesn’t come to you very easily because it is something that takes hard work. It is sad to say that most of the immigrants and refugees that come to America do not have that much success due to their lack of learning English properly, and others problems. However, others make better progress in language, integration and social interactions. America can be the land of opportunities for some people. People’s ideas of what an immigrant coming to a new country experiences would be mostly rejection. But, it has been shown that immigrants, and refugees, are integrating very well with society itself. “Most recent inflow of immigrants shows they are integrating well, according to five indicators: language proficiency, socioeconomic attainment, political participation, residential locale, and social interaction” (Immigrants in the United States: How Well Are They Integrating into Society?). These indicators mentioned, immigrants are putting their effort to succeed in an unknown country at first sight. Also, this could affect their future children, giving them great opportunities as well. Some immigrants have been writing down their own…

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