America and Post World War II Era: New Left Versus Right Essay

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America’s Post-World War II Era: New Left vs. Right

The challenge to a variety of political and social issues distinctly characterizes the post World War II (WWII) era, from the mid 1940’s through the 1970’s, in the United States. These issues included African-American civil rights, women’s rights, the threat of Communism, and America’s continuous war effort by entering the Cold War immediately after the end to WWII. These debated issues led to the birth of multiple social movements, collectively referred to as the New Left, rooted in liberalism. In response to the New Left, a strong brand of conservatism, collectively referred to as the Right, arose to counteract these movements. Despite opposing ideology and convictions,
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Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative Right leader, organized STOP ERA, an organization which halted the ratification movement of an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). She challenged NOW by incorporating women’s (human) rights and morality into the justification and promotion of her agenda. In her 1976 Interview with the Washington Star, she states, “The voters recognize ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) as a fraud, and they’re against it. They recognize it as a takeaway of women’s rights; they recognize it won’t do anything good for women, and so they’re against it.”[4] When asked if women gaining legal equality in New York would take away their rights, she responded, “The New York state support law is a beautiful law. It says the husband must support his wife, and the husband must support their minor children under age 21. It’s perfectly obvious that when you apply the ERA to that law, it becomes immediately unconstitutional. So ERA takes away the right of the wife to be supported and to have her minor children supported. Obviously, this is an attack on the rights of the wife and the family.” When asked if she thinks people were being forced to

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