America After The Civil War Essay

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Episode 6: Executive Retreat (1865-1901) (The Ultimate Guide to the Presidency)
America after the Civil War was a traumatized country in desperate need of leadership. Over the next three decades, a series of struggling presidents took a back seat to Congress and to captains of industry. After Lincoln’s assassination his Vice President Andrew Johnson assumed the Presidency. He was to be a ‘uniter’ of sorts to re-unite the country. He took action, without consulting with Congress, to force the South to admit slavery was over. On the other hand, Congress wanted to push back against southern states by pushing for more equal rights for freed slaves. Talk about the progression of the following events and how they affected the image and power of the President:
Black Codes: Any black without a job can be put to any kind of labor you want. Any kids can be taken away from his family and can be apprenticed. The children can also be sold for up to a year of their labor.
Johnson’s veto of the Civil Rights Act: people suddenly realize that this man can 't be trusted. They viewed Johnson as going beyond Lincoln’s policies. He had more veto than several presidents combined.
Tenure of Office Act 1866: does not allow Johnson to fire on of his cabinet members without the senate reviewing it.
The impeachment of Andrew Johnson: The level of distrust and hatred was extreme during Johnson’s presidency. In 1868 Congress impeached Johnson on 11 counts of high crimes and…

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