Americ The Land Of Opportunity? Essays

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America: The Land of Opportunity? Since its existence, America was given the slogan “The land of opportunity”. It is believed that anyone and everyone who comes to America to set up a new life will be prosperous, successful and happy. Although this statement is false, it is not completely false. It is possible to take advantage of the opportunities America has to offer, but it all depends on who one is and what circumstances he or she comes from. Between 1492 and 1800, hundreds of thousand of people were settling in America all in search for same same thing: opportunity. As America promised, opportunity was given to some people, but the amount of people who were not given opportunity during these times is truly astonishing, and will make one think twice about the statement, “America: The Land of Opportunity”. Between the years 1492-1800, America was not the land of opportunity for most people. Only one category of people were able to take full advantage of the opportunity America had to give. This category was rich, white male settlers. Only this minority of people could agree with this phrase. Only white, rich male settlers were able to take full advantage this opportunity because their gender and race gave them a unanimous advantage into being successful. Their money also played a huge role into their success in America. Before and during the first settlements in America, America had tons of extraordinary opportunity to give away to those who sought to take advantage of…

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