Amazon And Its Impact On The Business Industry Essay

711 Words Jan 18th, 2016 3 Pages
It starts in 1995 as the biggest book store and then extended to sell number of other products like electronics, jewelry, tools, auto and industrial. It offers to customers a huge number of products to choose from, also it personalizes the shopping for the customers based on their purchases. One of the most important key feature in Amazon is provides the customers with secure payment systems with protecting the customer information, full information on the products and also it has different registration depend on the customer like wedding, baby or students to give them privilege that meet all the customers need. Moreover started in 2003 to offer a service for third party to use website to sell new or used products. This feature helped amazon to increase their customers because the sellers were bringing new customers. The effect of the development that happened during the years on 2014 and the new feature that amazon start like the Amazon Auctions, that made 40% of Amazon’s products sold by third party around the world. The marketplace for Amazon now providing the services to 100 countries and reach to 185 different nations by using the third party services. In 2012 Amazon made a huge acquisition of Kiva by buying the 15000 robots to help in reducing the cost at Amazon’s warehouse. That made a huge reduce in the largest amount of expense which was 9.5 percent of the sales. This move helped amazon when they lunched Amazon Prime which over free…

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