Always Preserving The Code Name Verity Essay example

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Always Preserving in Code Name Verity
What would you do if you had been captured by Gestapo in Germany? Well, Verity knows this well in Elizabeth’s Wein novel Code Name Verity. After getting caught trying to impersonate a spy, Verity is captured by the gestapo and they make her tell them secret codes of the british. Instead of speaking these she chooses to write them down and tell the story through her friend Maddie. Through Verity’s flashbacks she tells the story of how she and Maddie never gave up even when things got to a point of never coming back.
The book is in two parts and it switches between Verity’s point of view and what she remembers to what Maddie first person point of view and how she remembers things. Verity talks mainly of her flashbacks with Maddie, her adventures in the prison and with everything the gestapo makes her do. Then it goes to part two “Kitty Hawk” and finally explains things in current time and what Maddie is going through with her search for Verity and since she is with the resilience army she has to eventually kill her friend Verity for telling the gestapo the british plane codes and such. Then it goes through her tale of hating herself because it is her best friend. Through all of this though they both always keep preserving when times are hard which is shown through either their internal struggles or the external.
The type of point of view is very apparent in Wein’s story, it has three all together, and really uses it to tell you how…

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