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Edexcel Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business

Harrow High School

Unit 2: Business Resources


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I declare that the work submitted in this assignment is my own work and any resources used have been acknowledged. I understand that false declaration is a form of malpractice. I understand the requirements of this BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Applied Science. I have been offered constructive feedback and the opportunity to improve my work.
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The importance of managing the organisation’s physical and technological resources efficiently is also explored.
For an organisation to survive its finances need to be sound and secure. The second part of the unit explores the sources of financial resources available to organisations. The level of an organisation’s performance can be seen in its financial statements. The unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the financial statements and it underpins other financial units in the qualification. This part of the unit focuses on the interpretation and analysis of financial documents in order to highlight the need for the monitoring and control of costs and budgets.
It is important that learners appreciate that poor management of resources can have a negative impact on an organisation’s performance.


You have just started a Business placement at a large retail organisation as part of your BTEC Business course. You will spend time within several departments, focusing on understanding how the business processes work within the company.

Task 1- Recruiting and Retaining the Right People

You have been working on your placement for 3 weeks now. The Human Resources Manager wants you to complete a research exercise and present to him as a booklet which includes the following:

1) A description of the recruitment documentation used in that particular organisation. 2) A description of the main employability, personal and

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