All Tobacco Products Do More Harm Than Good Essay

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All tobacco products do more harm than good. Nowadays there are many people, of all ages use the vast amount of tobacco products. There are many different ways to use tobacco; chew, dip, snuff, cigarette and cigar smoking, and pipe smoking. Chew is in the form of a plug, usually flavored, for chewing instead of smoking. Dipping tobacco or referred to as moist snuff is finely ground or shredded smokeless tobacco that you put between the lip and the gum. Snuff is pulverized tobacco that is to be inhaled through the nostrils, chewed, or placed against the gums. Cigarette is the most common way to smoke tobacco, with chopped up tobacco leaves stuffed in a paper tube to be lit and smoked. Cigars on the other hand are tightly rolled bundle of dried tobacco leaves. Pipe tobacco is ground up tobacco leaves stuffed in a pipe to smoke, pipe tobacco is the oldest traditional form of smoking. With all of the tests, clinicals, and new laws that are being passed more and more people are quitting due to the fact that it is harder to get a fix for their habit.
Early Native Americans used tobacco for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. On October 12, 1492 Columbus was given tobacco as a gift from the Arawaks, but he threw the plant away. In November of 1492 Jerez and Torres discovered smoking, and Jerez was the first European smoker. “Europeans didn’t get their first taste of tobacco until the mid 16th century when Columbus brought tobacco and seeds back. Nicotine is named after Frances…

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