All The Wrong Places Essay

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Curves in All the Wrong Places

A person’s body image is an issue that negatively affects men and women in many ways. These include self-esteem and a person’s eating habits...Magazines and other forms of advertising contribute to body image issues and negatively affect how many men and women view their body image. Within the course of a year, children and teens are exposed to over 25,500 advertisements. Companies also spend over $17 billion a year just marketing towards children and adolescents around the world. Magazines such as Cosmopolitan give the impression that young individuals must look a certain way in order to be good enough for today’s view of society (Stacy).

Notably, at least one out of every four advertisements sends a message about physical attractiveness. The National Eating Disorders Association states that over 70% of articles on weight loss in teen magazines used physical attractiveness as a reason for needing to lose weight. However, The National Centre for Eating Disorders argues, “the media doesn’t make women feel a need to be thinner per se, but the media may assist them in feeling bigger than they already feel themselves to be.” (Stacy). Many ads advertisements persuade females that the wrong unhealthy eating habits are right preferable in order to attain an attractive physical image. They may cause young women to feel as though they are not good enough and they imply that you will only have a good life if you have the ideal body image.


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