All The President 's Men By Carl Bernstein And Bob Woodward Essay

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“It is our reward because it demonstrates that American journalism can be, and in its crucial hour was, conducted with the highest standards of ethics, the greatest concern for public interest, and a near-suicidal commitment to the pursuit of truth and justice.” This is what Ron Dorfman, a writer for the Chicago Tribune, said in 1974 about All the President’s Men. All the President’s Men is a historical non-fiction book written collaboratively by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward in 1974, both were investigative journalists reporting about the Watergate Scandal for the Washington Post.
This book chronicles the break-in at the Watergate and all the wrongdoings that followed. explains this scandal and everything that went down by saying, “Early in the morning of June 17, 1972, several burglars were arrested inside the office of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), located in the Watergate building in Washington, D.C. The prowlers were connected to President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign, and they had been caught while attempting to wiretap phones and steal secret documents…In August 1974, after his role in the Watergate conspiracy had finally come to light, the president resigned.. Although Nixon was never prosecuted, the Watergate scandal changed American politics forever, leading many Americans to question their leadership and think more critically about the presidency.” Watergate led to the first presidential resignation in history. All The President…

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