Essay on All Quiet On The Western Front

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For years people that express anti-war feelings can be seen throughout media, like in books, news and TV or even through protest. The novel All Quiet on the Western Front written by WWI veteran Erich Maria Remarque is no exception as it delves in the horrors of war through its main character Paul Baumer, a German soldier who fights in the infamous Western Front during WWI while truly questioning if the war is worth fighting. Paul and his comrades face the disgusting conditions of the trenches as they risk infectious diseases like “Trench Foot” and rat infestation. Baumer is also faced with the deaths of his own comrades and friends and the effects that it has on him. Paul also witnesses the dark effects of power and the lengths in which people willing to go to obtain it. Paul with his fellow soldiers are under constant threat by shrapnel from artillery shells and deadly gasses brought into the war. And, as the war drags on, Baumer must deal with the fact that he has no control over his own destiny in the war. In Erich Maria Remarque 's novel All Quiet on the Western Front, anti-war feelings become apparent from the affects that WWI has on soldiers due to what they experience as portrayed through the development of the characters and the conflicts they face.
The trenches themselves in All Quiet on the Western Front are in poor conditions so much that there are rats inside them eating away at their food supplies or just being nuisances in general to Paul and his fellow…

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