All Quiet On The Western Front By Erich Maria Remarque

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Throughout history conflicts between countries has been solved by war. One of the most famous wars in history, World War I, was a disastrous, life-changing event for millions of people. All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque, tells what war is like through the eyes of Paul Baumer. He experiences the hardship of war at the young age of nineteen. Him and his school friends, persuaded to go to battle by their school teacher, undergo stressful events no man of their age should have to encounter. World War I was a terrible, inconceivable situation that was only made harder for the men at the front when they were introduced to the reality of their loss of innocence, alienation from society, and corruption.
During World War I, young men were forced into battle and were taught to be ruthless and hard. Paul Baumer and his three friends lose the innocence they once had to become tough, hard men, which is needed when they are fighting at the front. The first sign of the boys losing innocence was when they stopped caring about the way they talked, Baumer even made a remark about how surprised their parents and teachers would be if they were to see how much they had changed in such little time. The importance of the boys becoming tough is shown when one boy who went to the restroom his underwear, revealing that he was too innocent for the front, was severely injured before he could adapt. The boys are all aware that their innocence is
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It caused young men to lose their innocence in a harsh environment. The war made going back to civilian life nearly impossible for the soldiers. It also introduced the negative idea of corruption into the soldier’s life. War caused many issues in society but the worst is the long term effects turama from the war has on the lives of the men fighting for their

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