All Quiet On The Western Front By Wilfred Owen Essay examples

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“Forgive me comrade - for how could you be the enemy” a dying french soldier says to the main character in All Quiet on the Western Front. The two men sit and discuss how the elite use them to fight one another when they have so much in common; such as mothers who worry and a special someone waiting for their return. What is almost understood entirely by people is that killing (and mainly war) is inhumane. Countless times again, people seem to justify war even though popular culture and literature tend to not support the killing machines and grave, cold faces that return home. “Dulce Et Decorum Est”, a poem by Wilfred Owen, focuses on the inhumanity and horrors of war, while “The War Prayer” by Mark Twain illustrates the influence of political leaders on society to help sway public opinion and support such a gruesome crusade. Ultimately, both texts question why it is extremely common for people to blindly support a cause that is the basis of so much death and bloodshed. The horrendous injuries and the horrific ways people die in battle are not truly understood beside by the experiences people bring back with them. When veterans come back from war, people praise them for bringing glory, win or lose. Frequently forgotten are the memories that follow these brave people home, haunting them in their dreams and even waking moments of life. In “The War Prayer”, Twain illustrates some of the theses memories truly putting emphasis on how terrible war is and remove how people…

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