All Corners Of The Globe, By Howard Zinn Essay

2432 Words May 30th, 2016 10 Pages
America is celebrating it’s 240 th birthday this fourth of July. That symbolizes our history of hard work and honor to achieve the rights and equalities of American citizenship. We are a nation proud to represent all corners of the globe, making us diversified and unique in our history as Americans. For the discovery of this land that we stand on now, was built and structured for the purpose of success. We have remained strong to our values, throughout the years for self-success and improvement. But these great victories of success come at a cost, that ranges from lost lives to owed financial burdens and everything in-between. However Americans are headstrong we like to overlook our mistakes and not accept that we did wrong. The failure not to fully recognize our flaws is only holding us back, not allowing us to grow and learn from our mistakes. Howard Zinn wrote an influential book that opened and changed the mind of millions of Americans, including myself. The book The People 's History Of The United States take a closer look at the overlooked areas with our American history. It shows those fatal stories of our mistakes and misfortunes, from how these events occurred in the impact of future generations. It is important to learn both the good and the bad of our history. Which is why Zinn went on a mission to correctly display the American history good and bad, to inform and educate the public of the truth. The America that is displayed in the book has a more realistic…

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