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English 100 August 30, 2013 American Borders
In the article “Alien World” by Alexander Zaitchik (2009), the author makes a logical argument about how Mexico’s impoverished economy is heavily dependent on migrant workers and how it has affected an indigenous people. Zaitchik is a freelance journalist who is affiliated with Poverty Law, a U.S. organization that supports ethnic and racial tolerance. Zaitchik’s article attempts to convey the idea that Mexico’s economy is forcing people to take desperate measures in order to survive. He uses his
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Zaitchik’s simulation shows how illegal immigrants face a great number of challenges as they attempt to enter through a foreign country’s borders. Each participant has paid $125 for two days camping and a midnight “border crossing” experience in central Mexico. The staged run, 700 miles from the actual U.S. border, covers a bruising adventure course that winds through the valley of Alberto Eco Park. Zaitchik says, “It all adds up to the world’s most elaborating simulation of the Mexican migrant experience” (259). His knowledge of the border crossing simulation reinforces how the Otomi were forced to adapt or face extinction. One of those who left and returned is Laura Basuado a fresh faced- 27- year- old park employee who crossed the border when she was 17. She states, “The night walk is not even 1 percent of what it’s really like.” Her own journey to the U.S. involved a four-day walk through the sonoran desert. This comparison serves to further clarify that there is a gap between the middle class and the poor, emphasizing that the participants do not see this experience as an act of unifying the Mexican people. After luring the reader with the Otomi’s plight and experience on the simulation, Zaitchik’s asserts that the Mexican government tolerates and even encourages the trip up north. He gives the following as the reason, “Mexicans living in the U.S. send more than $25 billion dollars in annual remittances to their relatives south of the border” (262). $25

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