Alien Vs. Predator : Mankind Essay example

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Alien vs. Predator: Mankind in the Middle
We all want to know how mankind developed into the complex system of cultures that we have today. One theory is that our development was directly influenced by beings from out of this world. In this paper, I will be looking at the way assimilation, rites of passage and diffusion directly affect human culture. Specifically, how the Predator culture used each of these to influence sects of human culture. In the movie Alien vs. Predator we get a glimpse of what that may have looked like as we see the aftermath of the Predators thousand year old organization of tribal man into a civilization that worshiped them as gods. This movie shows how the Predator culture forced assimilation on mankind, making their own norms and values the requirement of everyday life. Predators taught the humans their language, symbols and use of architectural technology that we see repeated in early large scale civilizations. Even after their loss of control over Earth the Predators centennial return to fulfill their own rite of passage gives us a look at how the culture of mankind and Predator have a diffusion of ideals and are forced to work together to defeat a common enemy. When the humans see a heat bloom from the middle of an artic wasteland they assume there must be something valuable hidden under the ice, so naturally they must investigate. Among the crew chosen by Charles Wayland, owner of the Wayland Corporation, to investigate what appears to be a…

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