How Did Alice Lose Her Time In Wonderland

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Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll was published in 1865. But, even though it was published 151 years ago it is still extremely prevalent in todays society. This essay will explore how Alice’s time in Wonderland ultimately hurt her. Because she loses her child-like innocence, and more importantly herself. Throughout the course of Alice’s adventures she goes through numerous and different physical changes, the first change comes in chapter one Down The Rabbit Hole, Alice finds a key, and as she goes about the room putting it in the doors, she realizes it is either too big or too small. She then comes upon a miniature door, she places the key in that lock and it opens. As she realizes she is far to big to fit into the door, she says “ Oh, how I wish I could shut up like a telescope!” (Carroll 19) and almost immediately she notices a vile that says “Drink Me”, she of course drinks it and becomes very small. Small enough to fit through the door. She then realizes she has forgotten the key on a table. She becomes sad, but sees a cake that says “Eat Me” she then grows very large. She again becomes very sad, because she can no longer fit through the door, and starts crying very large tears. This mimics a child maturing, but …show more content…
Wake up from what she thought was a wonderful place. She realizes then, that wonderland is just the same as reality. The people are just as cruel, and everything is unfair. She loses who she thought she was, because she has completely changed by going to Wonderland. The story leaves off, with the image of Alice’s older sister looking out to Alice as she is running away to the house, and her sister hopes she never loses her child-like innocence, what she doesn’t realize is that she already

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