Essay about Alice Paul : Claim Power By J. D. Zahniser And Amelia Fry

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Two publications, Alice Paul: Claiming Power by J. D. Zahniser and Amelia Fry, two Paths to equality written by Amy Butler, describe the of path Alice Paul 's private and public life that led to the passing of the 19th Amendment, winning women over the age of 21, the right to vote, and the different viewpoints leading to the same principle of equality for all citizens. However, the scholars have not yet adequately addressed Alice Paul 's role in the passing of the Women 's Suffrage Movement, the Equal Rights Amendment, World War I, and the Civil Rights Act. The gap of information is essential to provide a through history of women and their role in twentieth century America. The research I am working on will fill in the missing gaps of historical writing. I am applying for a grant to the Coordinating Council for Women in History (CCWH) to support my research on Alice Paul. I expect this research to contribute to the debate on women 's changing roles in the twentieth century brought on by Alice Paul 's role in the movements that promoted suffrage and equality of all. The Coordinating Council for Women in History award’s an annual scholarship in the name of a former president, Catherine Prelinger. The funds of the scholarship were made by an anonymous donor, for the devoted work carried out by the council. The scholarship is awarded to students whose academic career path is unconventional. Unconventional education is one that does not attend brick and mortar schools and is…

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