Alexander The Great Was The King Of Macedonia And The Conqueror Of The Persian Empire

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4.) Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia and the conqueror of the Persian Empire. Following the conquest of the Persian Empire, Alexander pursued a policy of introducing Greek thought, language and culture into the conquered territories. From the tactical stance of the conquering Alexander, this approach is ideal as the more the conquered identify with the Greek nation the less they will fight against it and simply become part of the empire. Hellenisation slowly eroded Jewish culture. The first adopters were the wealthy and socially meaningful in the cities. Jewish men adopted prosthetics to cover their circumcision and exercised in the nude in gymnasiums. Even the High Priest became Greek and the temple had a pagan altar erected and all parishioners were required to offer at this altar.
The Maccabees led the fight against the Greeks and those impious Jews who had become Hellenized. They reasserted the Jewish religion and customs and removed the Greek altar from the Temple. Mattathias was a criminal. It is not that he was wrong in fighting back against the Greeks and attempting to reclaim his homeland as he saw it, but rather that he killed non combatant innocents purposefully in the process. Certainly he saw the Hellenized Jews as the enemy, but rather than make attempts to show them the error of their ways he simply killed them. The Romans took Judea as a province when asked to intervene in a civil war within the Hasmonean dynasty established by the Maccabees.…

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