Reality Tv Show Analysis

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A. A personal trouble can be defined as a hardship faced by an individual in society due to their own character or temperament. For instance, alcoholism is not due to powers that lie outside the individual but characteristics this one individual pertains that makes him or her addicted to alcohol. In regards, to this example of alcoholism it is not good thing because it leads to a cascade of negative occurrences like losing your job, and damage to your liver. Some examples of this show are the protagonist “Carl” hates to travel because of ignorance and only caring for his own culture, hence, when it becomes his job to travel he turn the experience into a negative one for others ultimately having people ridicule him.
B. A public issue of social
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A public issue of social structure represented in this reality tv show was that tourists can be looked upon as ridiculous and rude and are thought of as unwelcomed to most natives. In fact, this is probably why Karl felt like an outsider and could not truly experience China’s culture. The show began with him trying to just fit in by walking through a populated city and acting nice to people, but because he stood out he felt like an outsider. He was forced to become the stereotypical tourist by visiting attractions like the Great Wall of China and learning about Kung Fu. It wasn’t until a native offered him a home cooked meal that he truly experiences the native culture. It sucks, but unfortunately not everyone can experience this because of the public issue mentioned earlier.
F. Karl has the worst personal trouble of being over paranoid over everything. For instance, Karl was sent to the Great Wall of China which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Instead of appreciating the beauty of the wall, the hard work and labor dedicated to it during the 19th Century, he was busy complaining about it, finding flaws in the Great Wall. This definitely did not let him experience the beauty of the Wall which stretches for thousands of

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