Alcoholism, By Mitch Albom Essay

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Alcoholism is a known problem in society; it’s defined as “a chronic disease including uncontrolled drinking and preoccupation with alcohol.” It’s also known as alcohol dependence, and is a very common disease that can last for years or last a lifetime. In the article Substance Abuse and Addiction- Topic Overview, it shows that alcoholism has a large effect on ones everyday life. This is shown much throughout the novel For One More Day by Mitch Albom, when the main character Charley or “Chick” as he is called in the novel gets addicted to alcohol. Charley’s drinking started when his mother died and he wasn’t present in the situation. His mother’s funeral is where Charley started drinking uncontrollably. This leading him to harm his relationship with his wife and daughter, to miss and not care about his job and money, and to have legal problems such as drinking while intoxicated. Alcoholism was Charley’s solution to his problems, but that led him to have bigger problems with no solutions. Something suddenly changed for Charley at his mother’s funeral. It was soon after his mother’s death that Charley started drinking more until it soon became a problem that ended his and his wives relationship. He and his wife started having money problems and they fought about it constantly. Their marriage collapsed and charley says “I left my family shortly thereafter- or they left me.” (Albom, 5). Charley had a daughter Maria, she refused to invite him to her wedding, and this is what…

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