Essay about Alcoholics Anonymous the Truth About Alcoholism

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Thaysha King
Professor Nora Kabaji
Freshman Composition
Research Paper
27 March 2013
Alcoholics Anonymous the Truth about Alcoholism
Alcoholism is the addiction to consuming alcoholic drinks. Just like any other addiction it is fostered by the regular consumption of alcohol. It is not wrong to have an occasional drink in a social event or to have a little wine with dinner but when it reaches to the point where the individual cannot go a day without alcohol in his system then there is a problem. Alcohol is a drug like any other but it’s the most popular and accepted drug in the entire world. It is legal to citizens above eighteen years to drink alcohol and it is very accessible to even teenagers.
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It starts like that, with one drink and since the stressed individual is not fixing the problem, they keep drinking to forget and soon enough he becomes drunk all the time so as to forget his problems. Alcohol becomes their ‘friend’. As they believe they do not have anyone else to help them.
The main reason why teenagers and young adults indulge in alcohol is for pleasure. During parties, celebrations alcohol is always served. These teenagers start by taking alcohol so as to appear cool or so as to fit in their group of friends. It starts as a one night drinking every night and soon develops to every night drinking. Alcohol uplifts one’s spirit and gives one the courage they would not do while they are sober. The youth have so much fun in their drinking and slowly they become addicted to alcohol. Teenagers can also acquire this bad drinking habit from their parents or older relatives. Once a young child is exposed to drinking at a young age, the child then tends to mimic the actions of the parents or older relatives. The child then starts drinking from a very young age of thirteen and by the time they are sixteen they are alcoholics. Studies have shown that most alcoholics had alcoholic parents and that is why they adopted the habit from. It becomes sort of hereditary as the children of the child alcoholic will also copy the same behavior.
Addiction to alcohol has many effects: social and physical effects. The society too is affected by the

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