Alcoholics Anonymous ( Aa ) Meeting Essay

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting is a fellowship of men and women who comes together and support each other while they are trying to solve their drinking problems. Anyone can join or come observe an AA meeting. The only requirement to become a member of an AA program is to have the desire to stop drinking. In addition, it is free to attend an AA meeting and there are no appointments to make, which makes it extremely convenient for individuals. The AA meeting that I attended was at the Haymarket Center (932 W. Washington Blvd.). The AA meeting is every Monday from 7pm- 8:30pm. It was actually very convenient to get there from UIC College of Nursing; we just needed to take the Pink Line from Polk to Morgan (only 2 stops). It took us only 12 minutes to get there. After walking into the AA meeting, I thought it was super spacious with bright lights and white walls. The room was filled with chairs for the participants to sit. The program coordinators and counselors sat in front of the room facing the participants. In addition, there is a playroom, so the members’ children can be occupied while they attend the meeting. I thought it is a great idea to have a playroom. If there is no playroom, alcoholics who have children probably won’t attend the meetings since they have to stay at home to watch their children. Therefore, their drinking problems won’t be solved and have a high chance of worsening. On the day that I attended the meeting, there were about fifty participants.…

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